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Wear a Scarf 13 Super Simple Ways

16 Jan

I’m a real sucker for a colorful scarf!  Small ones, large ones, skinny ones, old ones, new ones – I’m not prejudice. They’re like jewelry. They add that bit of detail that makes a bland outfit really pop. And the ways in which you can wear a scarf are absolutely endless-around the neck, as a belt, headwear, halter or tube top (unless you’re built like Dolly) or to dress up a  handbag, just to name a few. Grace Kelly even used one as a sling to support her broken arm.

Scarves can also be quite inexpensive.  I’ve found some gorgeous scarves-silk, designer, with hand rolled hems-at yard sales and second-hand stores. One of my favorites was only $1.50! You can find that kind of cash in your couch cushion.  The one used in the super easy style examples below is a 44×44 Cynthia Rowley scarf I picked up at TJ Maxx for $19.99.

Wear a scarf around your neck to draw attention up and emphasize your face.

A simple knot

A feminine bow

Sweet & short bow (wrap around the neck twice before tying)

Masculine tie (tie a knot in one side of the scarf, place around neck, weave other end through the knot, add detail with a vintage brooch)

Bling, bling (thread both ends through an eye-popping ring)

Tied in knots (tie a knot, twist, tie another knot, twist, tie a third knot, twist, tie both ends together)

Big splash o’ color

Easy layer (tied at back of neck)

Emphasize the smallest part of your midsection by using a scarf as a belt.

Flower power

Chain, chain, chain (wrap a chain belt right over the top)

And how about these fun ideas to add detail and color to your outfit….

Perfect purse (tie a knot 6 inches from each end, tie all ends together to form a handle)

Gussied up (tie the scarf around one handle)

A simple shawl (tie two ends together, slip it on like a sweater)


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