17 Vintage Dresses, $2-6 Each? Yep!

30 Jan

I hate to say I told you so but……..if you’re a regular dettamodablog.com follower, you’ll recall reading my Someone else’s “trash” post where I pleaded with you pull your car over and shop affordable and oh so fabulous yard sales. Well, today, I hit the Grand Poobah of yard sales!

I was at home quietly completing my domestic diva duties when I was alerted of the sale.  At first, I disregaurded it. Soon after, the nagging yard sale queen inside me was too much to take so I threw on some workout pants, a tank, shades and head out. The yard sale was actually an estate sale. A whole house full of goodies. Yippee for me! I entered, scooped up a couple of cute milk glass dishes, pondered the purchase of some vintage fabric, eyed a classic white handbag and then fell upon vintage clothing heaven. A tiny room and two long racks full of brightly colored  1970’s handmade dresses. Directly over my clothes, I tried on one, then two, three, four, then five, six and seven. Two hours later, I walked out with 17 dresses. Yep, 17 dresses! And as if that’s not fab enough, here’s the best part………….. $122.50.  The cost of all of those vintage, handmade, one of a kind dresses. On it’s 3rd sale day, everything was 50% off! So, I told you so.

Style Tip::  Vintage or newly made, dresses are easy throw on and go pieces. The popular A-line silhouette, with it’s fitted bodice, cinched waist and flowing skirt is an instant hip minimizer. It also adds shape to a thin rectangular frame.

Vintage A-line dress paired with classic accessories.

A colorful modern twist.

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One Response to “17 Vintage Dresses, $2-6 Each? Yep!”

  1. Anonymous January 30, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    Good fortune smiled on you…So clever, I don’t have a clue about dresses I don’t own a dress that doesn’t go to the floor… but I have 72 Tshirts — :) and about 30 hoodies. Does that tell you something about my life?

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