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Fresh Ideas Start Here

30 Mar

Ideas are like Rabbits. You get a couple, learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen

-John Steinbeck

One of the best parts of writing this blog is hearing from you. I often receive emails, comments or have personal conversations with readers who have fashion questions, ideas or read and used some of Dettamoda’s fashion tips.

Two of my favorite conversations were with excited women whose men actually did ditch the bright white 1990’s tennies upon discovering, What Women Want………to Tell Their Men about Style. One clever woman left a printed version of the post atop the toilet seat for her not so stylish man to stumble upon. “What’s that Dear? No, I have no idea how that got there. Let me see it. (innocently pretending to read it for the first time) Oh, wow, lookie here love-muffin. Did you see these great ideas?” And they lived stylish ever after.

One of the freshest ideas I’ve seen was from a reader who put her own twist on,Clip-on Earrings, the not so Obvious Way to Wear Them. Not having any clip-ons she secured standard pierced earrings to fashion this look.

Accessorize with  Pierced Earrings

Come intelligente Lucia!

2 Basics + A Few Accessory Pieces = Easy Style

28 Mar

There are a few basic pieces that every woman’s closet should house. These are the timeless, classic pieces in classic colors that you may need to spend a bit more on but are well worth the cost due to their quality construction and fabric. These are the pieces that have been selected to appropriately suit your unique silhouette and fit you “like a glove”. These are the forever pieces and will easily mix and match with less expensive trendy pieces.

The List  ::

  • Business Suit with Slacks & Skirt
  • Button-up Blouse
  • Little Black Dress
  • Casual Pant
  • Casual Skirt
  •  Jeans
  • Cardigan
  • Blazer
  • T-shirts
  • Cami’s
  • Trench Coat

The Classic Colors  ::  black, brown, navy and whites

The Fabrics :: wool, cotton, silk, linen

The Look  ::  Basic white button-up blouse & navy casual pant paired with trendier stripe button Tee, silver bangles, statement watch, tiger stripe belt & strappy heels

Basic button-up blouse and navy slack

Fashion Tip :: Detailed blouses like the ruffles on this white button-up command attention and add volume to a small chest. Cap sleeves are cute but aren’t the most flattering choice for heavy upper arms. Try a looser 3/4 length sleeve instead.

Christian Audigier Watch

Fashion Tip ::  Matching your shoe & pant color creates the illusion of  longer legs.


Blouse :: Ralph Lauren @Macy’s

T-shirt :: Active Basic California

Pants ::  See Thru Soul

Belt ::  Michael Kors @ TJ Maxx

Bracelets ::  BCBG @ BCBG

Watch ::  Christian Audigier @ TJ Maxx

Earrings ::  Target

Shoes ::  Steve Madden @ Ross

Easy & Affordable @ :: $265.00

Future Fashionistas

26 Mar

I had the pleasure of working with my local Rotary group yesterday to put on a fashion show and luncheon. I got the fun part……working with the models. Make-up, hairspray and hosiery were flying but there wasn’t a make-up artist, hair stylist or professional model in sight.  Nope, our models were from Interact, Rotary International’s service club for young people age 12-18 years. These teens volunteered of their time and talent to shop local second-hand stores in search of items that would pull together to create affordable yet fashionable runway looks. Each had a chance to win one of three top prizes and all proceeds from the event benefit local business’ and people in need. I am completely impressed with the teens desire to volunteer, bravery (have you ever walked a runway with 200 eyes on you?) and talent. Check out their amazing looks……

In a downpour, she may be black, white and read all over but on a sunny day this creative newsprint skirt is haute.

A little DETTAglio (detail) goes a long way.

Stop the presses! My lil’ eyes spy am unraveling mens tie being styled as a head band. Man, that’s creative!

Printed pants are popping up everywhere this spring. It took luck and smarts to pick these up at a second-hand store.

Mick Jagger eat your heart out! These pants rock especially with a casual navy deck shoe.

Pairing prints, here a second-hand classic high-waisted twill trouser with a print top is very on-trend.

Vintage looks are in and this young lady got it spot-on. The look won her first place.

Another fantastic vintage look. This one paired a rose-colored blouse and lace cardigan with a black leather skirt. Talk about contemporary and chic!

Imagine how boring this look would have been without the layers and lace. I’m loving the coral nails. Details, details, details!

Speaking of coral and detail…….how about this look? The colorful scarf and bag act as jewelry over this simple top and shimmer skirt.

These models understand the importance of adding detail pieces. If you don’t already have basic gold bangles and a long gold chain, I urge you, go get some.

The texture and colors in this belt take this look from bland to grand in one simple step.

Creating Your Own Personal Style

21 Mar

One of the things I love most about fashion is that it’s subjective. Yes, there are seasonal trends, the colors and silhouettes that are oh so haute, but trends don’t work for every body or budget. Personal style allows each of us the ability to build looks around trends while including on our own likes, needs and wants. And when we can’t find what we want, we can create it.

Begin by choosing a textile you love.

Then, pick a pattern that will suite the fabric, your body type and your sewing ability.

In order to make a basic pattern my own design I added detail through front fringe alongside decorative stitching and used the “wrong” side of the woven textile at the arm hole, center front bodice and belt.

Styled with layers of gold toned bracelets,

some fab earrings

and completed with a pair of two-tone strappy heels and I’m ready to step in spring.

Dress :: Hand-made by me

Bracelets ::  D&G @ Haute Look, Marcel Drucker @ Property Room

Earrings ::  @ Plenty Boutique

Shoes  ::  Kenneth Cole Reaction @ TJ Maxx

Easy & Affordable Style for  ::   $240

Clip-On Earrings, the not so Obvious Way to Wear them

19 Mar

You uncover a great pair of vintage earrings at a bargain price……..wahooooo! The sales clerk pulls them out for you to try on and……..dang, clip-ons! If you’ve never worn a pair you’re only missing out on the crab claw-like pain they cause to the tender lobe of an ear. Who wants that? But wait, clip-ons could clip-on to other pieces and parts beside an ear, right? Right!

Create a pendant on a chain

Clip one, or two, on to a scarf

Dress up a belt

Embellish a pair of shoes

Remove the clip and sew the earring on to a pretty hand-made flower. Clip it in your hair, to a belt, a purse or pin it to your blazer.

So, pull out that pair of your grandmas clip-ons and enjoy them!

Blooming Brights

14 Mar

Keds, pegged pants, off the shoulder t’s, side ponies, crimped hair, blue mascara, neon, Breakfast Club, Billy Idol and the Running Man……Some may think, Gag me with a spoon! I say, Tubular! Welcome back 80’s, welcome back!

Now, before you pull put your hammer pants and ghetto blaster, hold on…….not everything 80’s is back. Start with this seasons bright hues.

Bright is beautiful and feminine.

Bright is graceful and classy.

Bright is stunning and luminescent.

Bright is effortless when pairing it with a simple white dress.

Shoes ::  Chinese Laundry

Purse ::  Guess

Necklace ::  Chrome and Cotton

Dress ::  Merona

Easy and Affordable Style for  ::   $110

Easing into Spring

12 Mar

It’s that time of year.  Seventy countries take part in Daylight Saving Time, springing clocks forward one hour, losing an hour of our Sunday….bummer….but gaining an hour of afternoon light……yippee! It’s also the time of year when we begin to pack away our bulky winter wear in exchange for colorful spring frocks and sandals. Like the seasons, gently shifting from cool to warm, I like to ease out of winter wear and into warm weather garments gradually.

This week I’m keeping cozy in a houndstooth wool blazer, skinny jeans and leather wedge boots while welcoming in spring with a simple yellow striped tee and turquoise clutch.

Four reasons I love the clutch:

  • It looks like leather but it’s vegan
  • It comes equipped with both a wrist and shoulder strap
  • Its simple silhouette
  • Its beautiful color

Style Tip ::  Mix patterns. Just be sure to mix a larger pattern with a smaller one like the stripe and houndstooth above and keep the accessories simple.

Style Fact ::  Horizontal stripes can be slimming. Read the science behind it.

Social Responsibility Tip ::  Adopt a pet. There are plenty of loveable pets awaiting forever homes. Meet sweet Bentley, our rescue handicap pit bull. He joined two other adopted dogs. Our last adopted pet? A chicken!

Houndstooth Wool Blazer ::  Estate Sale find @ Treasured Estates $6.00 for the handmade jacket and it came with 2 skirts: A-line and pencil

Yellow Stripe Tee ::  American Active Apparel

White Tankini ::  Idea

Jeans ::  Celebrity Pink

Leather Wedge Boot :: Cinti

Turquoise Vegan Clutch :: Downtown Chic @ Heaven Scent

Stone Teardrop Necklace :: Gift from my lovely friend Theresa

Bentley the Pit Bull :: Rescue from Animal Rescue Team

Easy and affordable style for ::  $198


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