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Sunny Pink, White & Yellow

30 Apr

Energizing and joyous, sunny shades of yellow are attention getters. Hot pink is another attention getter. Paired together, they are inviting and exciting!

Fashion Tip  ::  Looking like a bumblebee or Hello Kitty is not recommended. Sunny yellow and hot pink are bright and bold, opt for 1-2 accessories or garments in your look. Also, take a look at the same skirt styled with lilac and lime or mango.

Tank  ::  Anchor Blue

Blazer  ::  Handmade vintage piece for $3.00 at an estate sale

Skirt  ::  Banana Republic

Scarf  ::  T.J. Maxx

Belt  ::  T.J. Maxx

Handbag  ::  Franco Sarto

Heels  ::  Jessica Simpson

Sunnies  ::  Steve Madden

Easy & Affordable Style for  ::  $170

Lovely Lilac & Lime

27 Apr

Why, oh, why do lilacs only last a week or two? I think something so fragrant and beautiful should last just a wee bit longer.

But lavender, ah, it’s fragrance and beauty lasts for months.

Although I showered, I still may not smell as sweet as a lilac or lavender but, perhaps, this look is as beautiful.

white pencil skirt and lilac top

handmade top

white pencil skirt, purple heels

Fashion Tip  ::  This is the same lime top and white pencil skirt featured in Wednesday’s post, Nature Inspired. The blazer was removed and replaced with a lilac top. I added a tie belt to define the waist and different shoes and jewels. Voila, a new look!

Lilac Top  :: Handmade by the sweet and talented Lisa

Lime Top  ::  Violet & Claire

Skirt  ::  Banana Republic

Shoes  ::  Steve Madden

Jewelry  ::  No name

Belt  ::  Borrowed from a BCBG dress

Easy & Affordable Style for  ::  $75

Nature Inspired Spring Color

25 Apr

We planted our garden Sunday. Well, by we I should really say, my husband. I styled it. Hey, it’s what I do. The sundial at the right, pots at the left and fleur de lis topped trelis……my work. The real work…..his.

Spring garden

The rest of our yard began as a dirt lot several years ago but is coming along nicely. I adore how it changes year to year.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  ~Albert Einstein

I often look to our yard to understand what colors look best together.

Classy Retro

Style Tip  ::  Darn near every color looks great with green. Look to nature and you’ll see.

Top  ::  Violet & Clair

Blazer  ::  handmade $3 estate sale find

Skirt ::  Banana Republic

Shoes  ::  Chinese Laundry

Handbag  ::  no name $10 estate sale find

Jewelry  ::  New York & Company, KOHL’S

Glasses  ::  Electric

Easy & Affordable for  ::  $130

Cankle “Cure”

23 Apr

Ah, spring and summer brings with it heat, blooms, babies and cankles. Wait, what’s that? Cankles? No need to panic, it’s not contagious. If you have them, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who are feeling a bit confused, please allow me to enlighten you. Cankle, a slang term combining the words, calf and ankle, refers to the absence of a defined indent between the two. In short, thick ankles. They can result from carrying a bit too much weight, an accumulation of fluids caused by high sodium intake, pregnancy or disease but most of us are simply predisposed to excess leg and ankle fat. Again, no need to panic. Bring on the ankle baring capris, shorts and skirts because I have a “cure” for your cankles.

Choose heels with a low or V-shape vamp. This style will elongate your leg and diminish the look of thick ankles. The same trick works for flats too.

shoes for cankles

cankles in high heels

Tan Heel  ::  Jessica Simpson

Olive Heel  ::  Moda Spana

Yellow Heel  ::  Nine West (Really cute pair here)

Wearing Spring’s Tangerine

18 Apr

Like many others, I just can’t get enough of this springs orange, Tangerine Tango. My toes, top and bottom are draped in the sherbet color whenever possible.

Fashion Tip  ::  Tangerine mixes well with this seasons blast from the past……..80’s neon. Layer it and you’ll be stylish without looking like a Go Go’s groupie.


Denim Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Good Lord, not me. At my age, that would be a What Not to Wear post.

Fashion Tip  ::  Short hems landing mid-thigh nicely cover our back sides while still showing a little leg.

Carlos Santana Bag

This hobo bag originally had 12″ fringe all the way around. It looked a bit too much like a sheep dog so I gave it a trim. Now it’s stylish without being overwhelming.

Stripe Top  ::  Hollister

Tangerine Tango Top  ::  VeronicaM

Denim Shorts  ::  Celebrity Pink Jeans

Heels  ::  Seychelles

Hobo Bag  :: Carlos Santana

Belt  ::  Michael Kors (Similar here)

Gold Chain w/ Tangerine Drop  ::  No Name

Gold Chain  ::  New York & Company

Easy & Affordable for  ::  $170

Shopping is Cheaper than a Psychiatrist

16 Apr

Do you ever feel like you need a mental break? Sure you do. We all do.

Well, before you flop down on a psychiatrists couch and fill up his waste basket with teary tissues, try shopping. Yea, there is just something about shiny, new things that quickly make our mental outlook a lot brighter. Be it a new spring dress, strappy high-heels, glam sunnies, pretty lil’ note cards, a retro style jade green Vespa with a tan leather seat and wicker basket……..hey, I girl can dream…… brings a smile to our face.

Today, this lucky gal brightened her outlook with spring accessories. Most of which were a pleasing 40% off.

Spring jewelry

Fashion Tip ::  Recall my April 11th post,  Affordable Spring Color, which suggested you splurge on basic garments in neutral colors and pair them with seasonal accessories at affordable prices.

Earings ::  ELLE BIJOUX @ KOHL’S for $9.00

Necklace  ::  JENNIFER LOPEZ @ KOHL’S for $29.00

Bracelets (turquoise & 2 cream)  ::  APT 9 @ KOHL’S for $12.00 each

Bracelet (turquoise & tangerine)  ::  stella & dot  for $69.00

Sandals  ::  APT 9 @ KOHL’S for $10.00

Glossy Red High Heel Shoe Car

14 Apr

You’ve all heard the saying, If the shoe fits wear it, right? Well, I have yet to try it on but I am quite certain that I can squeeze my size 8.5 foot into it……………and my handbag, pit bull and a few besties. This is one red-hot ride!

Now, now boys……they make one for you too. Wanna race! I bet I can outrun you in my high heel!


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