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What do Nudists Wear on Casual Friday’s?

11 May


What nudists wear on causal Friday’s is, perhaps, something you’ve never pondered but it is a valid question, right? I mean, if Monday through Thursday nudists wear nothing how do you make nothing more casual? Maybe they don’t wear makeup on Friday’s. Wear a braid instead of bouffant? Sandals instead of stiletto’s? Hmmmm!

So, let me give you something else to ponder? What burning fashion question have you always wanted an answer to? Afterall, this blog is all about you-providing ideas and fashion tips to create the most beautiful and confident you no matter what your size, shape or style. So, here’s your chance to ask and it’s super simple. Click Comment at the bottom of this post and ask away. And don’t be afraid!!!!!!! Too often I hear, “I’m too afraid to comment”. It’s like raising your hand in class, everybody afraid to say or ask something silly. Well, there are no silly questions here. You don’t even have to enter your email or your name, (unless you care to) just ask your question and I’ll answer them. Okay, I’m waiting :)


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