Personal Styling :: Details Matter

21 May

Whether I am styling fashion, interiors or events, I am ALL about the details. I believe that it’s the time we put into the details, the textures and accessories, that create a fabulous look. Hence, my business name-Dettamoda. Detta from dettaglio meaning detail in Italian. Moda meaning fashion in Italian.

Such as this simple lilac and white look. Without all the little details it would be sweet but lacking real style.

white shorts

Imagine this handbag in a flat white and without the shiny silver handle. It would have been a nice, classic piece but in high gloss croc-stunning!

The grand beaded ring and bangle bracelets, which have wonderful thoughts etched in them, add to the detail in this look.

Shoes! Ahh, shoes make a look! And these shoes……..grey and white high heel snake-skin bootie.  Need I say more?

This blouse is sewn from a tone on tone lilac fabric. The seamstress, Lisa, chose to construct the blouse on a the bias or running the lines at a diaganol-Smart! This is more interesting and slimming.

Fashion Tip  ::  When wearing white……please do a panty check. Seriously, nobody needs to see your pretty leopard panties through your shorts. Save those for jean wearing days. Instead, opt for a nice nude or white pair. No patterns or colorful lace trim. And a thong, Spanx or no-line panty look best.

Blouse  ::  Handmade my gal Lisa

Shorts  ::  Mossimo (Similar here)

Shoes  :: BCBGMAXAZRIA (Similar here)

Handbag  ::  New York & Company (Similar here and here or here)

Sunnies  ::  Steve Madden

Easy & Affordable Style for  ::  $140

4 Responses to “Personal Styling :: Details Matter”

  1. Taliah May 25, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    Gorgeous shoes!!!

    • Paula Parisotto May 26, 2012 at 7:55 am #

      They are one of my favorite pairs Taliah. I purchased them at BCBG in January but can’t find them anymore. They do make a similar pair. You can click on them in my post.

      stylist & stiletto maven

  2. Jessica Teona Schley May 21, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Hi Paula,

    My question is about panties and bras…some outfits, like low-backed blouses, require no bra, in which case I wear “petals” to solve the pointy boobie issue. It’s brilliant!

    And in my view, some outfits just lose their allure when you can detect a panty underneath…maybe it’s just me, but I prefer going commando sometimes! Is that acceptable, or just plain weird? I just hate panty-lines in my look! Even thongs and no-line panties still cause a slight line, or cling, or a scrunch in your bunch…

    It must be noticeable, however, when I’m not actually wearing panties, so that brings up the question: Does no panty-line make me look like a hooker? or loose? Or a floozie? I want to be comfortable, but I don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

    I like a a breeze but I’m not a tease!

    • Paula Parisotto May 22, 2012 at 7:49 am #

      Hi Jessica!

      So many tops require us to wear a strapless bra (I loath!), a convertable bra (not so comfortable) or go braless (if gravity hasn’t taken over). Wearing Petals or Nippies are the perfect answer to seamless, natural-looking coverage. And guess what……they sell a Bring It Up Smooth & Lift option for those who have been affetcted by gravity. Brilliant!

      Now, to go commando or not go commando, that is the real question. And a great one Jessica because many people struggle with the panty line issue. I am not a fan of the pantyline and “erase” them by wearing a g-string, smooth line panty or smoothing undergarment but some prefer to wear nothing at all. I say, do what’s most comfortable for you. Unless your bottoms are too see-through or too short no body knows what your wearing, or not wearing. Going commando doesn’t make you tease, again, I say, do as you please.

      Thanks for the question!


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