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Maxi Skirt Mash Up

4 Jun

A few weeks ago, I found this wonderfully versatile maxi skirt for a bargain at Marshall’s. Today I’ve paired it with a cream top, purple heels and a baby blue fedora. Check back in Wednesday when I wear  it as a dress.

Lilac skirt

blue fidora

lilac maxi skirt

Fashion Tip  ::  Pin a brooch on a chain as I did here for easy added detail.


Skirt  ::  Velvet

Heels  ::  Steve Madden (Similar in beige here)

Hat  ::  (Similar here)

Jewelry  ::  Adesso, JLo, St. Thomas

Easy & Affordable Style for $180

Mash it up! Swap out the cream blouse for a white tank and patterned jacket, pull up the skirt to create a high-waisted look, tie a green ribbon around it and swap out the shoes accessories. Viola….a whole new look!


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