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Our Homemade Limoncello

31 Aug

A month before they exchanged wedding vows, Fausto, Paula and an intimate group of family and friends, hand-made 90 bottles of limoncello. On July 28th 2007, it was poured ice-cold into chilled glasses and toast was made to the bride and groom.

Viva gli Sposi-Long live the newlyweds.

2012 celebrates the Parisotto’s 5th anniversary and the 5th bottling of their all-natural limoncello. Year after year, family and friends gather to zest locally grown lemons then carefully cook, bottle and label this deliciously sweet yet strong libation. It’s lemonade for grown-ups.

Viva tradizione-Long live tradition.

-5th Anniversary Edition Homemade Limoncello

california lemons

locally grown lemons are washed and rinsed

lemon zesting

family & friends zest for hours

lemon zest for limoncello

jars of zest are measured

straining lemon rinds

then strained

bottleing limoncello


home-made limoncello

label ready

home-made limoncello

and looking for a shot glass to fill and a palate to delight

Date Night and the Lil’ Black Dress

29 Aug

It’s date night………..dinner, a cocktail and quiet time with my man. A little black dress and leopard print heels is simple and sexy.

date night

leapord heels

black teardrop earrings

Style Tip  ::  A little black dress is a must have for every ladies wardrobe. Choose a simple, classic silhouette. Change up the accessories to suit the occasion, season and your mood.

Leona Edmiston Dress  (classic and affordable choices here and here)  ::  Carlos by Carlos Santana Heels (similar here)  ::  Boutique Earrings and BCBG Cocktail Ring

Easy & Affordable Style for $160

Casual Country Style

27 Aug

fringe vest

striped maxi skirt

long cross necklace

taupe tank top

casual Sunday

Style Tip ::  When you’re feeling just a wee bit bloated, ruching can be a woman’s best friend. My workouts haven’t exactly been stellar and my hand just won’t stop raising food to my mouth so a ruched skirt and bunched up (yea, that’s a fashion term) tank give the illusion that I am not the stuffed turkey that I am feeling like.

CDR Skirt (similar here) ::  Olivaceous Tank (similar here) ::  Kersh Vest (similar here and here) ::  Aldo Heels  ::  Nine West Sunnies  ::  Cross Necklace from Plenty Boutique and Handmade Cuff

Easy & Affordable Style for $145

How to Combine Fashion Colors

26 Aug

Colors are wonderful and glamorizing-but they must be used with care.

Even the prettiest color, if you wear it everyday, will lose its effect. Color needs change. We wouldn’t appreciate blue skies if they were always blue, it is the clouds, the ever-changing scene, that makes the sky so beautiful.

-Christian Dior

I often hear, “You’re outfit is so colorful. I never would have thought of wearing those colors together but they look great.”. As Christian Dior stated above, color needs change. The problem is that people either get stuck in a color rut, wearing the same tried and true, comfortable colors (I see a lot of black, grey, white and brown out there people ) or don’t understand how to pair colors. A super simple way to learn how to pair colors is to use a color wheel. Take baby steps towards learning which color combinations work and you’ll be a colorful glamorista in no time.

Complementary Colors  ::  Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example below :: green-yellow and red-violet).

complentary fashion colors

Analogous Colors  ::   Colors schemes that are next to each other on the color wheel. (example below :: Blue-green and green)

analogous fashion color

Triadic Colors  ::   A scheme using colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. (example below :: blue-green, yellow-orange and red-violet)

triad fashion color

Split-complementary Colors  ::  A variation of the complementary color scheme. In addition to the base color, it uses the two colors adjacent to its complement. (example below :: red, blue-green, yellow-green)

split complimentary fashion color

There are tons of flattering color combinations. Understanding that it can be quite confusing, check out the  Colors on the Web. It has a great color spinning wheel and many other tools to help make color combining a bit easier. I also recommend purchasing a color wheel. You’ll find a great mini wheel here.

Pretty Patterned Heels

22 Aug

The ability to comfortably wear a sleeveless chiffon blouse and skirt while watching the sun go down……..wonderful! What’s not to love about sunny southern California?

flower patterned heel

gold vintage belt

tamgerine tango skirt

taupe chiffon blouse

Style Tip  ::  If you’re a regular follower, you know that I am a fan of pattern. I can’t live without just a bit of it somehow, somewhere. So, when wearing solid color garments wear a pretty patterned heel or flat. Are you daring enough?

Toi et Moi Blouse (cute long sleeve version here) ::  Dalia Collection Skirt (similar longer version here) ::  Nine West Heels  :: My grandma’s vintage gold belt

Easy & Affordable Style for $120

Styling Rocks My World

20 Aug

Completely happy, creative and fulfilled. That’s how I feel when I am styling. So, spending the entire weekend at Smashbox Studios with School of Style’s founder and celebrity stylist Luke Storey, personal stylist Lauren Messiah, fellow stylists, assistants, photographers, models, hair and makeup stylists…….completely happy, creative and fulfilled. I can’t even call this work. Styling rocks my world!


women's belts

women's designer heels

Lauren Messiah and Luke Storey

boho look

school of style boho shoot paula parisotto

mens plaid shirt and jeans

long haired mens model

We shot glam, rock, boho, mens, young and fun. These are the shots of my boho and men’s look. What do you think?







Mission Trippy

17 Aug

It’s been a long while since I’ve visited La Purisima Mission. Too long. People visit it, take photos and walk/jog around it year ’round. So much history and beauty. Well, not so beautiful at night…….that’s when the ghosts come out. Seriously, it is said to be super scary haunted.


La Purisima Mission, Lompoc CA

Old Mission door

Roberto Cavelli skirt

BCBG top

California Missions

La Purisima Mission

Style Tip  ::  Embroidery, leopard print trim and a trumpet silhouette makes for a fab yet  busy skirt. Paired with a solid top and heel it remains the center of attention.

Roberto Cavalli Skirt  ::  BCBG Maxazria Top  ::  Dollhouse Heels  ::  New York & Company Purse


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