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India Inspired Fashion

12 Nov

This weekend my step daughter, Jenn, did a wonderfully selfless, giving, compassionate thing. This isn’t unusual for Jenn as she is as sweet as a peach pie; however, this was no little thing. This was a big thing.

As part of a collaboration with Off the Mat Into the World, she and her friend Lynne launched a grassroots movement to raise funds for an event called  A Night For India: Help Stop Sex Trafficking. Together ,they gathered amazing raffle gifts, secured two great bands, a talented caterer, henna artist, volunteer family and friends and mixed them together in an amazing loft to form a fun-filled benefit. As cool as the event was, what’s cooler is that they raised 17 thousand dollars (at last count) to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of rescued sex slave women in India. Two young women making the world a better place for other women half way around the world. So proud!


Style Tip  ::  Have some fun with themed events. You don’t have to go whole hog and dress the part head to toe but do choose garments and accessories that reflect the theme. Step a bit outside your normal style. Your host will appreciate the effort.

Wearing  ::

Roberto Cavalli Blouse, old

Celebrity Pink Straight Leg Jeans similar here or here

Amanda Smith Suede Belt, similar here

Adesso Necklaces and Bracelet, get it here

Bijoux Terner Beaded Purse

Dollhouse Slingback Heels

Must Have :: Quality Black Skirt

15 Oct

The sun brightly shines through my bedroom window, beckoning me to start the day. I gently rise, fully dressed, made-up and hair styled. The aroma of eggs benedict, skillet potatoes and freshly baked honey bran muffins waft from the kitchen. Andre, my house-boy, calls out, “Mrs. Paula, are you ready for your pumpkin latte?”……………………….Fast forward to reality. Darkness still falls ’cause it’s early in the morning. I jolt out of bed, awakened by the sound of barking dogs who need to pee. Lines from my pillow crease my cheeks and my hair resembles Don King’s. The dogs eat first and then I; a dab of chunky peanut butter and fig jelly on whole wheat. My husband, Fausto, brewed some Folgers and it’s ready to pour.  Dogs, wrinkles, toast, a loving spouse……..I am REAL grateful!

Style Tip  ::  I’ve said it (okay, typed it) before but I need to “say” it again……..you must invest in a quality, simple black pencil or A-line skirt. The amount of times you will wear it over your lifetime will far out way the cost of buying a quality garment.  Watch for sales or check out high-end consignment boutiques. I was super lucky and picked up this Dolce & Cabbana skirt for a mere $50. Deals are out there people!

Wearing  ::  Lauren Ralph Lauren Blouse  ::  Dolce & Cabbana Skirt  ::  Steve Madden Heels  ::  New York & Company Belt  ::  Adesso Bracelet

Easy & Affordable Style for $205


Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.

1 Oct

dettamoda personal styling

I just couldn’t resist styling and blogging about another Felt Evolution scarf. No, I am not being paid to do this, I just seriously love a product that is eco-friendly, artistic and created by a budding entrepreneur.

The versatility of a scarf wows me in the first place but the uniqueness of this one shoots me to the moon. It’s called Lattice and I likie!

Style Tip  ::  Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. Mix and match brands and styles. Wearing all one designer or style can be, well, boring. Do you furnish your home with one style or brand of furniture? I am assuming the answer is no so don’t furnish your frame that way either. Be Unique!

Morgane Le Fay Top  ::  Chanel Skirt  ::  Felt Evolution Scarf  ::  Diesel Boots  ::  Adesso Bracelet  ::  Vintage Belt



Al Fresco

1 Aug


What a beautiful day! It’s a super sunny eighty degrees here in Southern California. The perfect day for a little outdoor lunch at the sweet and succulent Bell St Cafe. I adore their easy atmosphere, friendly staff, healthy choices and dog house. Seriously! Check out how cute it is. Throw a cushy bed in there and my Bentley, Marley and Alex would easily make it their home away from home.

addorable dog house

animal print kaftan

Bell St Cafe

Bell St Cafe, Los Alamos

Adesso jewlery

Style Tip  ::  When you go on vacation and bring back extra pounds as souvenirs (oh well, so worth it!) wear a comfy kaftan……..and jump back into your workout routine.

Kaftan form Plenty Boutique in Santa Ynez ::  Adesso Jewelry

Easy & Affordable Style for $ 170



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