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Packing for Fun in the Sun

7 Jul

Who doesn’t l-o-v-e a beach vacation? I’m a fan! Sun, sand, relaxation and fruity cocktails with oh so cute lil’ embellishments. So, save your save your dimes, book a trip and pack this……..

  • Simple Dress-long and short  ::  A must and here’s why……1) They make great cover-ups, 2) Add heels, a belt and jewelry and you’ve got a hot look for an evening out, 3) They are lightweight and easy to pack, 4) In the event that you got sun burned or are feeling bloated from too much food or drink-they are super comfortable
  • Suit  ::  I’m not a fan of tan lines so I prefer a daily suit change.
  • Beach Bag   ::  Another must have as it will house all of your essentials…..towell, sun block (use a high SPF or get burned like I did) , juicy book, water, snacks, camera and money
  • Hat  ::  Protect your head and hair from the heat. Lord knows I pay enough to color my hair so I don’t need it fading too fast.
  • Sun Glasses  ::  Your eyes can get sun burned too-protect them!
  • Sandals  ::  Something stylish yet comfortable.
  • Walking Shoes  ::  Again, something comfortable. You’ll want to do some sight-seeing.
  • Heels  ::  High or low heel, as long as they make you feel a bit sexy.
  • Accessories  ::   Just a few inexpensive yet bold pieces to dress up your evening look. And yes, your swimsuit deserves a few simple details as well. Perhaps earrings and an ankle bracelet.


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