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Al Fresco

1 Aug


What a beautiful day! It’s a super sunny eighty degrees here in Southern California. The perfect day for a little outdoor lunch at the sweet and succulent Bell St Cafe. I adore their easy atmosphere, friendly staff, healthy choices and dog house. Seriously! Check out how cute it is. Throw a cushy bed in there and my Bentley, Marley and Alex would easily make it their home away from home.

addorable dog house

animal print kaftan

Bell St Cafe

Bell St Cafe, Los Alamos

Adesso jewlery

Style Tip  ::  When you go on vacation and bring back extra pounds as souvenirs (oh well, so worth it!) wear a comfy kaftan……..and jump back into your workout routine.

Kaftan form Plenty Boutique in Santa Ynez ::  Adesso Jewelry

Easy & Affordable Style for $ 170



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