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You Might Be a Red Neck

10 Aug

Personal Stylist

If you’ve ever worn a tube top to a wedding………you might be a red neck.

-Jeff Foxworthy, American Comedian

Who ever said red necks don’t have style was flat wrong. Let’s take for example, camouflage. Pattern is a ginormous trend and green, in its many tints and shades, is big for fall 2012. And how about hats? Big trend for us fashion forward folks! Ever seen a red neck without a hat on his/her head? I think not. Tank tops, bras, boots? Style staples for both red necks and fashionistas. Rednecks are also very good on the environment. By BBQing road kill, they are recycling. By living in trailers that belonged to their mothers uncles sisters grandpappy, they are reusing and thereby reducing their carbon footprint. So, raise up your Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and let’s toast to redneck style.

If you’ve ever barbecued Spam on the grill……..you might be a redneck.

-Jeff Foxworthy, American Comedian

Vintage Trailer

spam trailer

Spam memorabilia

Spam quote

redneck women

Style Tip  ::  Take it from red neck women, your hunting knife should always match your outfit and your bra should not.

Cabela’s Duck Waders, Tank Tops, Hats, Fishing Lure Earrings, Hunting Knife, Shorts and Shades

Easy & Affordable Style for $0 (Just go a diggin’ in your garage……… or your neighbors)


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