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Rockin’ Retro with Modern Frocks

19 Jan

I thought it would be easy to click a few semi flattering pics of myself-NOT! Wanting to include the beauty of the outdoors, I dragged my full length mirror outside, began to pose, click and was caught by the gardner-ugh, embarrassing! So, I ditched the mirror, ran around the corner and began to awkwardly aim my iPhone at various parts of my stylish ensemble. At, well, uh, forty-something, I’ve discovered that if my head isn’t held at just the right angle my chin is chins and my neck resembles a turkeys.  Now that that’s off my chest, let’s check out, What I’m Wearing.

I’m in love with retro looks! This 40’s inspired ensemble pairs a classic black a-line skirt with pleat detail and a flirty peach blouse layered over a sheer black fitted top. The blouse’s style, outfits silhouette, flower and oxford pumps are what makes a classic black look go retro.

A bit of animal print, in this case-shiny black faux alligator-is haute! The gorgeous long cross necklace adds metallic modernism to this retro inspired look. Wearing this look to work, one of my staff member’s said, “You have the tiniest waist ever!” Although I knew the wide and shiny black belt was creating the illusion of a tiny waist, perhaps she earned a raise :)

A pretty flower worn in your hair draws attention to your face. In this case, the flower matches my blouse but don’t be afraid to choose a flower that is either analogous (colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel) or complementary (colors opposite of each other on the color wheel).

A suede heeled oxford is ultra stylish this season and adds great texture and height. Black ballet flats or a heeled boot would be smashing as well.

Shoes::   Levity

Skirt::   Mossimo

Top::   Morgane Lee Faye

Blouse  ::  Lola

Belt::   New York & Company

Necklace::   Plenty Boutique, Santa Ynez, CA

Earrings::   BCBG

Flower::   I wish I could remember


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