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Someone else’s “trash”

23 Jan

Have you seen the bumper sticker, Caution: Makes Sudden Stops at Yard Sales ? I resemble that remark. I love a sunny Saturday morning yard sale spree. It kills me when I am rushing to a weekend appointment passing yard sales to the left and right of me. Sometimes, knowing I’ll be just a wee bit later, I’ll pull over, quickly scanning for something fabulous. I’m just drawn to the fact that someone else’s “trash” could be a real treasure-at affordable prices.

Take for example the handbag above. I spotted it at a yard sale a few months back. I was immediately attracted to its simplicity, classic two-tone and gorgeous alligator texture. It was in mint condition inside and out, contained its original coin purse, hang tag and the brand, Palizzio. It looked and smelled like a vintage bag but I  know nothing about them and honestly could have cared less if it was vintage or not, drawn to its style and at a price tag of $3.00, I had to have it.

When I arrived home I did some research on the net and discovered that the bag was in fact a vintage 1960’s handbag made from real alligator skin and worth somewhere in the range of $80.00  So, please, please don’t be afraid to stop and shop at your local yard sales. Yes’ it’s true, some sales have nothing but “trash” but the first time you find a real treasure, you’ll be hooked.

“Any Palizzio is better than no Palizzio.” ad campaign, 1967


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