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Layered Look

29 Jun

Earlier this week I shared 5 looks using one maxi dress and no change in jewelry. You may not be aware of it but, there’s a nasty little illness called fashion overload. Oh, and it is scary! It requires and intervention, a straight-jacket and therapy. Seriously…….a whole team breaks down your front door, yanks your laptop from you and ………man, I don’t even have the heart to tell you the rest. Because I care about your fashion health, I left one maxi dress look off of the One Dress, Five Looks post and here it is.

layered dresses

Style Tip  ::  Layer! It creates impact. I layered a sheer blouse over a striped dress over a maxi dress. Here are a few key points to layering:

  •  Avoid creating too much bulk which will in turn make you look larger than you are. Choose garments that are made of thin fabrics.
  • Choose garments hems that end and different heights. Also, carefully choose where they land. If you have wide hips choose a hemline that lands above or below the widest part of your hip.
  • Try to include different patterns and textures. It will create a much more interesting look.
  • Wear a belt at your natural waist. This is the narrowest part of your torso and will create an hourglass look. If your short or short-waisted, wear a belt no more than 1 1/2 inches wide.
  • Don’t forget the final and most important layer-jewelry, shoes and a great bag.

Max Studio Maxi Dress (unbelievable $24 bargain here)  ::  Haani Striped Dress  ::  Toi et moi Sheer Blouse  (similar here and here and here)  ::  Michael Kors Belt  ::  D&G, JLo, Adesso, KOHL’S, yard sale and boutique

Easy & Affordable Style for $170

One Dress, Five Looks

27 Jun

A basic maxi dress and some simple gold-tone jewelry. Super cute on its own, right?

Tangerine Dream Summer Dress

Need a more sophisticated business look? Add a lightweight tweed crop coat.

Crop Coat and a Maxi

Going out for cocktails? Ditch the crop coat, layer on a sheer, sleeveless blouse and grab a cool clutch.

Sheer Blouse and a Maxi

Like both pieces? Layer them! And, just for fun, buckle on a glam zebra belt.

Looking for something a bit more chic. Ditch the crop coat and throw on a silk butterfly wrap instead.

Maxi and a Butterfly

Max Studio Maxi Dress (unbelievable $24 bargain here)  ::  J Jill Crop Coat (cute one here)  ::  Toi et moi Sheer Blouse  (similar here and here and here)  ::  Mehgan Butterfly Wrap  ( fun shawl here)  ::  Michael Kors Belt  ::  Leather Creations Clutch ::  D&G, JLo, Adesso, KOHL’S, yard sale and boutique finds


Pattern Play

20 Jun

What you choose to wear says so much about you. Tell the world that you’re bold and beautiful with pattern play. Mix and match solids, stripes, animal print and metals. Just be sure that your patterns are not the same size-one smaller than the other.

Haani Dress :: Top Shop Blazer :: BCBG Heels (similar here) :: BCBG Jewelry :: Steve Madden Sunnies (similar here)

Easy & Affordable Style for $340

Maxi Dress Mash Up

6 Jun

Monday’s skirt is back!!!!  It now takes center stage as a cute and comfy dress. Silver accessories and a large square scarf tied into a bow add colorful detail and texture to this look.

maxi skirt dress with scarf accessory

Dress  :: Velvet

Scarf  :: Cynthia Rowley (another colorful one here)

Jewelry  :: Misc boutique finds

Easy & Affordable Style for  $85

Remove the scarf and swap out the silver accessories for a long chain with purple and orange beads, a purple beaded ring, beige strappy heels, weave belt and sun hat and you’ve created an easy and affordable third look.

Style Tip  ::  Wearing beige heels, those that closely match your skin tone, elongate your leg and keep the focus on your outfit not your feet.

Dress  ::  Velvet

Sun Hat  ::  Target (Similar here)

Belt  ::  Target

Heels  ::  ALDO

Jewelry  ::  Misc boutique and consignment store finds

Easy & Affordable Style for $100


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